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RT @wong_alonso: Road to Budapest- Hungary 🇭🇺 2017. #worldjudochampionships #tokyo2020 #kiaperu #JudoPeru #kiapowerteam https://t.co/r9CNR0K9KN [Link]
RT @wong_alonso: First practice in this amazing dojo Kodokan. Ready to participate at the Tokyo Grand Slam and motivate to be in this amazing place. JUDO PERU 🇵🇪 #judoperu #Tokyo2020 #kiafan #Tokyograndslam #judoguadalupe https://t.co/Lku8cA8aEC [Link]
RT @wong_alonso: Here in Tokyo - Japan 🇯🇵 with a permanent dream that always encourage me to strive myself in everything I propose in my daily life. Stay focus for Tokyo Grand Slam 2017 and an important training camp for 10 days that it would definately would increase my level. ARRIBA PERU 🇵🇪 https://t.co/640wfZQ9HR [Link]
RT @wong_alonso: Oro copa panamericana Santiago - Chile 🇨🇱 2017. Vamos Perú 🇵🇪 #judoperu #kiapowerteam #Tokyo2020 #Lima2019 #judoguadalupe https://t.co/7ib1lDlP1z [Link]
RT @wong_alonso: 1st place at the Dominican Republic 🇩🇴 open , thanks God, my family , friend and my national judo team, I'm happy to be back with the gold. https://t.co/8JbgrORIcN [Link]
RT @wong_alonso: Push ups after a great judo practice https://t.co/7ANsVIFvig [Link]
RT @wong_alonso: 73kg draw , I have China 🇨🇳 first . I'm ready and motivate to do my best performance here in Hungary 🇭🇺. #JudoWorlds2017 #tokyo2020 #kiafan https://t.co/Vg6gUxw1Qg [Link]
RT @wong_alonso: Empezamos la primera sesión de judo acá en Hungría, muy motivados para dar el 💯% en el mundial.#kiafan #judoperu #budapest2017 #tokyo2020 https://t.co/GGm7ct6i5x [Link]
RT @wong_alonso: Gracias por el apoyo previo al mundial de judo , me ayudó mucho físicamente como mentalmente e iré con mucha motivación a Hungría. #JudoPeru https://t.co/j9EqG8hv2B [Link]
RT @wong_alonso: Empezando la semana en la videna , a solo 9 días para competir en Hungría 🇭🇺. #worldjudochampionships #Tokyo2020 #judoperu https://t.co/2Qy4Hwh9Hs [Link]
RT @wong_alonso: 73 Judo Grand Prix 2017 podium. https://t.co/lifqBeW7d7 [Link]
RT @wong_alonso: Reconocimiento en el congreso del Perú 🇵🇪. @LeylaChihuan @judozegarra https://t.co/xKkQ2X5HHT [Link]